April 2017

Shaw – Coast Connections Host Brian Anderson learns about this one of a kind facility from the Nanaimo Deep Discovery Association. (NDDA).  Imagine exploring The Salish Sea like never before in the proposed Nanaimo Ocean Discovery Centre

April 2017

Ocean Discovery Center (ODC) proposal is the result of significant work by NDDA, (Nanaimo Deep Discovery Association) a grassroots organization of Nanaimo business people.

The proposed facility will be a self-sustaining and iconic Nanaimo tourist attraction built cooperatively with significant economic benefits & job creation for the Central Vancouver Island region.

We are currently finalizing our business plan and funding model for presentation to the City of Nanaimo and stakeholders.January 2017

Presentation to NPA board on January 18. Presentation to City of Nanaimo Committee of a whole on January 23, 2017.

December 2016

NDDA meets with City of Nanaimo staff to establish criteria for a letter of support in principal from the City of Nanaimo Council, which allows NDDA to move forward in the next step of our development strategy.

October 2016

The NDDA makes formal a presentation to Nanaimo City Council requesting support in principal for the establishment of the Ocean Discovery Centre in Nanaimo. Council directs staff to meet with NDDA to obtain further details and report back to council.

August 2016

The NDDA attracts the attention of business leaders with introductory presentations looking to improve destination tourism and establish an iconic Ocean Discovery destination for Nanaimo.

June 2016

The newly established Nanaimo Deep Discovery Association meets to establish a focused vision and planning model to support the establishment of a Nanaimo Deep Discovery Centre.

April 2016

The Nanaimo Deep Discovery Association was formally registered under the Societies Act of B.C. The NDDA is formed by a group of Nanaimo citizens with a view towards the establishment of an “Ocean Discovery Centre” in Nanaimo.

February 2015

NEDC sponsored a presentation of the Nanaimo Deep Discovery Centre at the Port Theatre for an invited audience of 140, including members of Nanaimo City Council, Nanaimo Tourism and Nanaimo Port Authority.

April 2014

Idea for a new interactive deep-sea Ocean Centre presented at the Nanaimo Economic Development Corporations (NEDC) Annual General Meeting.






Note; The Ocean Discovery Centre is still in the conceptual development stage, the Association has received generous “in-kind” support from the Nanaimo business community along with early stage financial support, in 2016.