General Layout


Sub Surface | Experience Exhibits

Visitors descend down from the main hall to the sub surface experience exhibits. The circuit will house a series of dynamic exhibits, interactive experiences and educational programming, showcasing First Nations Connections, Deep Sea Technology and Marine Ecology. The core exhibits offer guests a unique experience of our relationship to the deep sea both past, present and future.

Ground Level | Main Hall

Visitors enter the facility from either the land or waterfront entrances to find the various amenities within. Guests may purchase tickets, shop, have a bite to eat, attend a private event, or enjoy one of the many free and accessible public areas. The main hall will feature a prominent display of the historic dentalium harvest connecting guests to the subsurface experiences and creating a unique sense of place.

Upper Level | Education & Administration

The upper level will house complimentary spaces and services that support the overall use of the facility. This may include a 200-300 seat presentation centre, workshop/lab spaces, administration offices and meeting rooms. This area may also accommodate potential partners of the facility such as deep sea research and technology development.

Concept Images